To My Web Visitors,
Welcome and thank you for spending some time with us on my website.

Jeanine is now on Facebook! Finally! FB: Jeanine Michaels-Leftwich
I still am technologically challenged, but we are still working on redesign for site.

We hope to add Jeanine's human blog to a new redesigned website.

And our new dog blog, stories from our rescue pup Bree, who loves to spy and report on her Forever Family,
would be happy to have hooman readers and visitors. It is family friendly, humorous tails with some music
and video on some of Bree's blog entries! Musicmama and me, the paw-thor of WUSUPPUPS, will have a new feature to help
people with rescue woofers and meowers they may need help with adoption.

Blessings today and always to my friends and visitors!

I would love for you to check out my children's CD, Dinosaur's Musical Day on the music page.
One-third of the proceeds from sales of the CD and Coloring Book go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
I am open to any suggestions on how to help children through my music, so if you have any ideas,
please let us know by emailing here .
~ Jeanine



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