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Welcome and thank you for spending some time with us on Your thoughts and comments are welcome, so please share! I am open to any suggestions on how to help children through my music, so if you have any ideas, please let us know by emailing here . General comments about the music or the website may be displayed in the comments section.

I wish to offer to you and your families my best wishes for your health and happiness and many musical days in a joy full life! I wish you peace. May you find comfort and strength when you need it. May you be surrounded with love as you give love.

October 2015 update: My beautiful family continues to thrive. Attorney Curt works all the time or watches sports! And my kids are 26 and 28 now, both college graduates, Meg was Summa Cum Laude at UCLA and works as a legal assistant at a free legal clinic helping people with many different issues. Ben majored in psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, although we think he really majored in surfing ?????? ! He is a certified massage therapist, and is now in flight school and will be a pilot soon.Maybe he will fly me to Hawaii where I can major in swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, our Amakua. I am so proud of my family and grateful to have these special people who inspire me everyday.

Word for Today: Trust

Thought for Today:
“Before enlightenment, chopping wood.
After enlightenment, chopping wood” ~ Zen

“Before enlightenment, doing the laundry.
After enlightenment, doing the laundry” ~ Jeanine



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